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If you are interested in any of the birds listed below please contact us and we can set up an appointment for pickup. 

We have relocated to Concord GA and will reopen in a few months.
Thanks for your patience!!

 No birds are younger than 3 days old when they go to their new homes.   I believe in giving them at least a couple days to rest after the stress of hatching and to ensure they are eating and drinking fine before they leave. 

All ducklings and goslings are given Niacinamide in their water after hatching. 

If you would like to continue to give them Niacinamide in their water you can purchase extra pills to take home with you.   Pills are for sale for $0.50 each.   1 pill goes into 1 gallon of water.

Russian Pavlovskaya Roos  -  All under a year old.

$20 each

Silkie Roosters  -   Al under 2 years old.    $10 each,   SG $15 each

Bantam Roosters -  They are a mix of cochin and silkie.  All under 2 years old.

Some may have some feathers missing on the tops of their heads, that is because there are a lot of roosters in the pens.   Normally most are free rangers but I put them in pens to sell them so a few of the underdogs are getting picked on.

$10  each

Showgirl Bantam Roos  $15 each


Rouen,   Ancona,   Swedish ( Blue, Black, and Silver available),  

 Mixed breed (Khaki and Swedish cross),     Khaki Campbell

 $10 each

Rouen Breeding Pairs 

2 to 3 year olds

Pairs (1 Drake, 1 Hen)  $30

Trio  (1 Drake, 2 Hens)   $50

Drakes ONLY  ~  $10 each

Sebastopol / Embden  GANDERS

1 to 2 year old ganders

 $40 each 

Prices subject to change without notice.

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I am working on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has feed comparisons for the types of birds and goats I sell.

It is a work in progress but for the latest version please check out my   WHAT TO FEED   page

*****   FYI  *****

When purchasing day old or very young chicks of the smaller breeds of chickens or quail make sure you blend their feed in a blender so it is in an almost powder form.  Most crumbles are still too large for them to be able to eat the full amount of feed required and a lot of babies die of starvation because of this.  

I try to respond within a few hours of receiving your request.   If you do not hear from me in that time frame, please check your spam folder and if no reply is in there please send me another message.    I have had a few issues with emails coming through.

Thanks so much !!